Please note that using the quotation facility does NOT constitute a personal recommendation. Financial Private Clients Ltd will not have provided advice, nor will we have given a recommendation or endorsement of a product or service providers. You will be responsible for deciding whether the policy meets your demands and needs.




Financial Private Clients has access to a panel of insurers for various insurance policies. For speed and convenience these quotes are available online and there is no obligation to purchase.

Click on the links below for more details and to obtain a quote. Please remember that links to external insurance websites are likely to need some personal information for the purposes of a quote and the premiums may come from one or a number of sources. CETA provides quotes from various companies for commercial and personal insurance and Bupa Global for the polo player and  sports travel insurance.

Please ensure that the product you have chosen is suitable for your intended purpose as this is provided on an “execution only” basis i.e. no advice given and no advice sought. In this respect Financial Private Clients Ltd acts as an introducer and is not responsible for the content of external websites. Full documentation including key features and the policy wording is provided at the end of your quote before any payment details are required and is dependent on the insurer that you have selected.

Household Insurance

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Caravan and park home insurance

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Commercial Insurance

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