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The Small Craft Boat insurance product provided through CETA covers a wide variety of vessels. The maximum length for an online quotation is 23 feet. You can choose whether you want to pay for the policy by monthly direct debit, annual direct debit, credit card or debit card.

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  • Cover for sailing dinghies, motorboats, sailing boats, sailboards and canoes
  • Sailing boats and motorboats covered up to 23 feet in length
  • Variety of different classes of sailing dinghy covered – including keelboats
  • Includes racing cover
  • 10% non-racing discount if the sailing dinghy is not used for racing
  • Referral scheme if the vessel falls outside the length or speed limit, or if it falls outside of the small craft criteria, for example narrow boats
  • Cover while the craft is ashore
  • Whilst in transit by road
  • Afloat on inland and coastal waters of the United Kingdom and Europe, up to 12 miles offshore

Cover includes:

  • Outboard motors (if specified)
  • Inboard motors (if specified)
  • Towing trailer (if specified)
  • Trolley (if specified)
  • Life jackets and buoyancy aids (if specified)
  • Personal effects are included if the vessel has lockable overnight accommodation and are automatically included in the policy up to 2% of the sums insured with a minimum of £500 and maximum of £2500
  • There is automatically cover for tenders £3,000,000 public liability cover
  • Removal of the wreck resulting in a loss covered by the insurance
  • Excesses are stated in the policy schedule but there is no excess on Third Party claims

This summary is not a full key features summary and should not be taken as so. Full documentation including key features and the policy wording is provided at the end of your quote and is dependent on the insurer that you have selected

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